Reputation Management

Making sure that you control your online reputation

When researching a potential purchase online, consumers look closely at other consumers' reviews of products and services. A negative review may be the first—and potentially only—impression that s brand makes on a potential customer. Your online reputation has the power to grow, sustain, or destroy your business. It is essential that you control your reputation. Reputation management is critical to the success of search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

A brand whose negative reviews top results when searching for the company or product name—that's a brand in serious trouble. And the result can be the worst of both worlds: a company watches as its competitors dominate search engine results for the key phrases in the industry, while the highest listings for the company itself are bad reviews of the brand.

So what can you do to lower reputation-damaging listings in search engine rankings? Contact for superior SEO and SEM.

Internet Marketing Company makes sure that when it comes to reviews of your brand, the most positive are also the most visible

Internet Marketing Company uses a combination of sophisticated search engine optimization methodologies plus uniquely effective social media management to control the dominant information about and reviews of your brand on the Web. Additionally, we closely analyze your site itself, because often, improved optimization of a website helps improve reputation management.

Management of your online reputation with Internet Marketing Company offers important benefits:

  • Added strength for your online "brand"
  • Suppression of reputation-damaging listings in major search engine results
  • Reinforcement of your brand messaging
  • Higher profile for your brand in social media, enhancing your access to and interactivity with your customers
  • Increased traffic to your primary website through strategic links on external and third-party sites
  • Enhanced transparency with your customers, a key component of strong, enduring partnerships