Link Building

Maximize your link popularity

In the ranking algorithms used by Google, Yahoo!, MSN/Bing and other search engines, link popularity is one of the most important factors. Link popularity of your optimized keywords is critical if your site is to compete for top rankings of these phrases on search engines. can help you plan and implement a link building strategy that measures up to search engines' demands.

Search engine algorithms consider the following elements when evaluating a link:

  • Popularity of the site linking to your site. The popularity level "travels" with the link; links that come from sites regarded as authoritative by search engines are the most effective. Search engines consider "themed" links the most authoritative; they come from within the same industry as yours. "Unthemed" links come from different industries.
  • Search engine ranking of the page containing your link—the higher the ranking, the more authoritative the link.
  • The text linked. Internet Marketing Company delivers the most advanced link building services, focused on building anchored links for your site. Every detail matters. For example, we ensure that your main keyword, not your company name, is the text that is linked.

The role of site navigation

Clear, easy-to-follow navigation is central to the quality of the user experience on your site. It can increase your click-through rate, especially when sub-navigations and other shortcuts are integrated. Well-designed navigation also can improve internal linking between all relevant pages on your site, cross-promoting pages that are similar in theme and topic.

The hierarchy of your navigation is critical in passing linking deep into your site. Pages that are too low on your site map won't generate sufficient attention to earn high search engine rankings. The objective is to optimize your site linking structure by creating a robust system of linking within your site. This may include links to related products, related articles, related websites…any links that may be appropriate. Our job is to optimize the anchor text and make it clearly visible to both site users and search engines.