SEO and SEM Services

Complete capabilities, superb quality, superior results knows that online visibility is essential for most companies to survive—let alone thrive—in today's economic environment.

The business world is changing fast. Just in the past decade, Internet use has soared, as have online researching, shopping, and buying. Your target customers are searching for what you have to sell. Do they find your site at top of search engine results?

How can you ensure that the Internet shows you customers what they need exactly at the moment they're looking for it?

The key is to create a content-rich, authoritative site that Google, Yahoo!, MSN/Bing, and other search engines find easy to access.

Internet Marketing Company helps companies optimize the design, content, and code of their site so that the automated Internet "crawlers" find it. That can help your brand rise on the results pages when customers and prospects search for keywords and phrases relevant to your company, product, or service on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search sites.

Internet Marketing Company will help you optimize your site for the words and phrases your target customers enter when searching your market. Then customers will see your brand at the top of search engine results. That makes your site a prime destination. That helps drive traffic. That helps drive sales. And that delivers measurable return on your investment. Internet Marketing Company SEO produces ROI.

A choice of SEO packages

Internet Marketing Company offers you options to increase your search engine rankings. Deciding which to choose depends on your needs and your budget. That's why we offer a free analysis to start—to confirm if you need us…and, if so, the ways we can help. From there, we tailor a search engine optimization and marketing plan specifically to your parameters.

Services in the Internet Marketing Company packages include:

Website Analysis

Some sites need work before SEO campaign development can begin. To make sure we can help maximize your ROI, our team will analyze the structure of the code on your site, the structure of the site directory, 404 error pages, the site content, and more.

  • Competitive Analysis Do you know who your competitors are? Have you visited their websites lately? Are your brick-and-mortar competitors the same as your online competitors? To help you compete and win, we analyze your site and your competitors' sites…we conduct ongoing research of SEO and SEM trends in your market sector…then we apply our proven expertise and build on our new discoveries to help you top your competition—in search engine rankings…and in market share.
  • Keyword Research and Analysis Choosing the correct keywords is challenging. An SEO campaign focused on the wrong keywords will not drive rankings or deliver the ROI you hope for. The Internet Marketing Company team carefully analyzes each client's preferred keywords. Then we develop the SEO and SEM strategies to choose the most apt keywords to drive qualified traffic to your site.
  • SEO Strategic Development At Internet Marketing Company, we never fall back on "off-the-shelf" SEO strategic solutions. That's because no two SEO challenges are alike. And there is never an easy, ready-made solution to generate fast increases in search engine rankings. For these reasons, we start our involvement with you by performing an in-depth analysis of your site and your competitors' sites—essential knowledge if we are to craft a superior SEO and SEM strategy for you. Our team includes strategists, copywriters, designers, coder writers, and Project Managers—all committed to industry best practices of using only "white hat" SEO methods. Our goal is to optimize your site and then make sure it's not banned from Google and other search engines.
  • Structural Optimization The structure of a site can affect search engine results. We optimize your navigation and directory structure to ensure you get the maximum accessibility when search engine crawlers come to your site.
  • Code Optimization Knowing the impact on SEO of rapid load time and other issues that are sometimes code-related, we make sure that all code on your site meets or exceeds industry standards. If needed, we will optimize the code on your site so that it gets crawled more rapidly.
  • Content Development and Optimization For the development of content for our clients' websites, and for development and maintenance of our clients' blogs, we employ the best writers in the industry. Our writers at Internet Marketing Company can improve your existing content or create entirely new content for your site. Our writers produce targeted content for diverse clients: all sizes, all industries, all types of products and services.
  • Benchmarking and Monthly Reporting Internet Marketing Company prepares reports for its clients twice a month versus the industry standard of just once a month. More frequent reporting enables you to maintain complete control over your SEO and SEM campaign.
  • Dedicated Account Management Internet Marketing Company assigns a dedicated Account Manager to each client. This Account Manager leads the analysis of your site and SEO activities. This same Account Manager then partners with you to develop a search engine optimization strategy that meets your needs and goals, Communication is key; dedicated account management helps our teams and our clients maintain continuity of communications.

How Internet Marketing Company stays on the leading edge of SEO

The reason we customize SEO and SEM packages for our clients? We know that every business, every situation, is unique. Unique brand. Unique goals. Unique budget. That's one of the reasons why the Internet marketing industry is so dynamic.

Delivering effective SEO services demands that we know the latest advances in search engine optimization and marketing. Did you know? Within one year, Google made over 400 changes in its algorithm for determining positions on the search engine results pages. We were immediately aware of each change. Why? The Internet Marketing Company team eats this stuff up. Not only because we have to, but because we love it!

Knowing the latest developments in SEO and knowing your brand, your competition, and your website—we can then formulate a plan of action to help you get the most from search engine optimization and marketing.

Website Analysis

An objective assessment of your site structure and content

Before we develop an effective search engine optimization and marketing campaign, we must ensure that your website fulfills fundamental criteria in site architecture, internal linking, compliance with search engine best practices, and more. Often, we find that the elements essential for detection by web crawlers—such as text-based navigation, xml sitemaps, and robots.txt files—are frequently missing from clients' sites. conducts website analysis at the outset of every new campaign. From kickoff to completion, our analysis process averages approximately two weeks—a crucial period in the search engine optimization of your site.

We make sure that these criteria are met before content is written, before links are put in place. We also analyze your server configuration and spider accessibility. We ensure that URLs are written properly. We see to it that 301 redirects are implemented to maintain existing rankings, and that anchor text for page interlinking directly supports your SEO campaign. Our analysis also includes 404 error pages. We scrutinize your site for vulnerabilities so we can optimize each page and each component of your site to feature targeted, optimized content that will drive traffic.

Ultimately, Internet Marketing Company has two objectives: 1) make your site as search engine-optimal as possible, and 2) make your site as visitor-friendly as possible. We guarantee that your site will meet the standards of Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines. We also guarantee that your site will offer a superior user experience—to attract visitors and keep them coming back to your site.

Competitive Analysis

Assessing the strengths and vulnerabilities of your competition

Using your desired keyword phrases, analyzes your site against your competitors' sites to determine your status and theirs with the major search engines.

Is your competition doing better, worse, or about the same when it comes to organic rankings of the keywords and key phrases that maximize ROI? It is important to know where you rank and why.

In assessing the strength of your site versus your competition, we examine the following:

  • Keyword rank
  • Page rank
  • Domain characteristics (including age and cache history)
  • Indexing of pages with search engines
  • Back linking strategy
  • Social media linking strategy
  • Unique visitors
  • Site architecture
  • Unique visitors
  • Visitor demographics

Our goal is to fully understand where you and your competitors currently stand…and what needs to be done to help you gain, or maintain, a competitive advantage.

Keyword Analysis

Selecting the words and phrases that attract visitors and compel them to take action

Before we write new content, before we write new code, before we set up new links…we analyze your keyword strategy.

Selecting keywords is not a subjective process—it is not a matter of intuition or "going with your gut." Instead, it is a research-driven process. Our research and analysis of your industry—combined with the insights you provide into your brand strategy—are the cornerstones of an effective keyword strategy.

How do visitors find your site? What actions do they take when they do find you? Which sections of your site attract visitors the most? Which attract them the least? can answer these and other questions for you.

Driving traffic to your site is an important goal, but not the main goal. Our ultimate objective is conversion of each visitor—motivating site users to contact you and purchase your product or service. Conversion, not traffic, is your real return on investment.

Strategic Direction

Planning how to maximize traffic and conversions

Is your site as good as it can be to maximize traffic and conversions? can help refine your online strategy to ensure that the answer is a resounding "Yes!"

Our team of strategists, marketing specialists, website engineers, writers, and designers works closely with our clients—through the dedicated Project Manager—to plan and implement the strategy your site needs.

For example, our team creates sub-domains, microsites, and dedicated landing pages to drive targeted traffic. We construct blogs and redirect domains to your main site. And we do it the ethical, effective way. Other SEO companies advise clients to post multiple domains or "mirror" versions of the same website throughout the Web. Seems like potentially a good idea, right?

Wrong. Google, Yahoo!, MSN/Bing and other search engines equate this strategy with spamming. In their eyes, you are simply adding clutter to search engine results pages. Using duplicate content on multiple sites ultimately does you a disservice—you are competing against yourself.

This is just one of the countless strategic considerations that must be made in the search engine optimization and marketing of your site.

Structural Optimization

Making your content easy to find fast

Using the proprietary tool of—Content and Structure Optimization™—we can ensure that both visitors and automated Web spiders can find your relevant content rapidly. Sites providing quick access to pertinent content are deemed more "authoritative" by search engines.

Our Content and Structure Optimization™ process also focuses on:

  • URLs—we ensure that your URLs are appropriately named (and we help rename them if necessary).
  • Directory structure—an efficient directory is critical to the success of a website.
  • XML and HTML sitemap formatting—if needed, we can help redo Flash-based navigation to be more conducive to reading and cataloging by Web spiders
  • Navigation structure—our goal is to convert qualified traffic into sales
  • Site "stickiness"—we strive to keep visitors on your site and motivate them to contact you; this entails analysis of your site's conversion points, assurance that your site structure emphasizes key conversion points, and assurance that your content helps lead to conversion.

Structural optimization is a critical step in ensuring that your site maximizes your return on investment in SEO and SEM initiatives.

Source Code Optimization

SEO that speeds loading and indexing

Web spiders read your source code to help determine where your site appears in search engine rankings. Source code optimization by ensures proper indexing of your site's relevant pages.

Source code optimization by Internet Marketing Company may also involve:

  • Externalizing JavaScript and CSS
  • Eliminating white space and code comments that may prevent spiders from quickly finding and indexing your content
  • Analyzing page load times—we eliminate "code overload" that can slow page loading and hamper indexing

The website analysis phase will determine the extent of source code optimization needed. Then the Internet Marketing Company team will spring into action to make the necessary changes quickly and efficiently.

SEO Project Management

A single point of contact for continuity and consistency assigns a dedicated project manager to each SEO campaign.

This single point of contact helps ensure that communication between your company and ours is quick, clear, and productive. A single, dedicated project manager also helps maintain the continuity and consistency of your search engine optimization and marketing efforts. Your Internet Marketing Company project manager guides preparation of your preliminary SEO strategy, collaborates with you to choose the most appropriate keywords and phrases, and oversees execution of your SEO and Internet marketing efforts as they progress.

Rely on your project manager for contact as frequently as needed…for answers to any questions you may have…for presentation of twice-monthly reports and other updates regarding your search engine optimization strategies…and for planning the next phase in your SEO and SEM campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Drive traffic, drive leads, drive sales can help your brand go viral online or and make the most of social media campaigns. We work with you to drive traffic to your site, increase your sales, strengthen your brand, and build communities around your brands.

The power of word of mouth

There is no better advertising than a referral from a satisfied customer. Conversely, there is no worse advertising than a negative review from a dissatisfied customer. At Internet Marketing Company, we use Facebook, Twitter, niche blogs, and other social media techniques to help our clients create and sustain a positive conversation with their customers and prospects. Rely on our social media expertise to build traffic, build buzz around your brand, and build sales.

Complete social media marketing solutions

Internet Marketing Company offers the following social media services:

Developing optimized blogs

Internet Marketing Company can help you create a Wordpress blog that supports your brand positioning and messaging, and that also maximizes traffic and viral capacity.

Writing viral content

Internet Marketing Company writers understand how to craft an article with the best chance of gaining widespread attention online.

Building powerful relationships

Our relationships with leading bloggers, "Tweeters," and other social media specialists enable us to ingratiate your brand with the most influential minds and voices on the Web.

Monitoring all mentions of your brand

Internet Marketing Company monitors all mentions of your brand online—on other websites, as well as blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. We use search engine alerts as well as proprietary tools to listen and look for everything being said online about your brand. We report the mentions promptly to you, and, as appropriate, recommend ways to respond in order to protect your brand equity and capitalize on sales opportunities.

Generating significant, sustainable traffic

The Internet Marketing Company team can help you drive traffic to your website through Twitter, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and other social bookmarking sites.

Attracting more followers

We can help you expand your social media influence and add targeted, qualified followers of your brand.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Helping you get better results from paid search marketing is a leader in PPC campaign development. We know how to take advantage of the countless opportunities offered by Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and other search engines to market your brand.

Our PPC services help you generate the greatest possible ROI from your online advertising campaign:

  • In-depth planning with analysis of advertising by you and your competitors
  • Highly effective bidding strategies customized to each search engine
  • Daily optimization of your campaign and keyword adjustment/expansion, as needed
  • Development and market testing of your ad copy to maximize response
  • Development and testing of your landing page testing to maximize conversions
  • Close collaboration with representatives from each major search engines to facilitate planning, implementation, and troubleshooting

4 levels of keywords

Our PPC strategies combine keywords and phrases at all four levels:

Top Level

The top level contains the highest volume terms. They can produce strong site traffic and conversion, but competition for these terms can be fierce, and the terms are generally the most expensive in your market.

Program Level

Terms at the program level are specific to your industry and can yield among your highest conversions.

"Long-Tail" Level

Long-tail keyword phrases may produce fewer searches, but with lower cost per acquisition (CPA) and higher conversion rates.

Brand Level

These terms help expand awareness, reach, and conversions for your brand.

PPC campaign monitoring

Management of a pay-per-click campaign is ongoing.

Once Internet Marketing Company launches your campaign, we monitor it closely to analyze performance and make any adjustments needed. How do we do it? Not with automated software, but with dedicated specialists who understand your specific market as well as competitive, economic, and even political events that may influence your short-term or long-term success.

With our goal of complete transparency, we provide frequent updates on your PPC campaign—what's working, what's not, where to sustain or expand efforts, and where to rethink our approach.

Internet Marketing Company PPC delivers distinct advantages

  • Zero fees for setup
  • Zero limitations on managed keywords
  • Extensive "negative keyword" research
  • Extensive competitive analysis
  • Development of strategic, optimized ad copy
  • "Dayparting" of your ad schedule
  • Development of landing pages that will support your PPC campaign
  • A/B split and multivariable testing to identify the most effective elements of your campaign
  • Complete setup of conversion codes and Web analytics
  • Customized ROI reporting
  • ROI metrics and forecasting
  • Management of comparison shopping sites

And all Internet Marketing Company PPC efforts are guided by a dedicated project manager available 24/7 to serve you best.

Affiliate Program Management

Start a new program or revive a program already in place

Affiliate marketing combines SEO with relationship building, networking, social media, and online marketing techniques such as email and PPC.

Affiliate advertisers pay a commission for every sale or lead generated by affiliate partners. Being an affiliate advertiser requires forming and sustaining ongoing relationships with partners. However, that process is time-consuming and requires constant attention and timely action. Rely on Internet Marketing Company to help you manage your affiliate program.

Internet Marketing Company affiliate marketing services: comprehensive, proven, advanced

Pre-launch planning

We help you plan your affiliate marketing objectives. We analyze your products and services; your website; your conversion rate and other metrics; and your current and planned advertising campaigns. We conduct a similar analysis of your competitors. Then we recommend an affiliate program that to fit your needs. We also help implement tracking codes for the appropriate pages of your site. And finally, we test the coding before launch.

Design of marketing tactics

The Internet Marketing Company writers and designers create very effective banner ads, email campaigns, and other marketing programs and materials for your campaign.

Affiliate partner recruitment

Internet Marketing Company already has a strong affiliate base in place. In addition, we have the tools and know-how needed to recruit new affiliates into your program. Our expertise extends from forum and directory recruitment to targeted email campaigns and other tactics to build and maintain affiliates. And on an ongoing basis, we communicate with your affiliate partners to ensure their successful participation in your campaign.

Campaign management

An affiliate program can be tremendously successful, but also can require tremendous effort. That's why we're here! Day in and day out, we monitor your campaign, review your analytics, and communicate with you and your affiliates to maximize ROI.